Back in the day, IBMers were known for their crisp suits, button-down white shirts and “sincere ties.” How quaint. Meet Lysa, one of our hard-riding, earring-wearing, DIY-loving, female shining stars.

A Day In The Life Of Lysa Banks, Lead Architect for Industry Cloud Solutions

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“This is just one of many clues to a crucial fact about the ISIS videos: They weren’t made by outsiders to pop culture but by participants in and consumers of pop culture”

From 9/11 to the ISIS videos: The darkness we conjured up - (via nathanjurgenson)

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“he wrote in an op-ed for Digital Minds for a New Europe, the European Commission’s new tech series”

Eric Schmidt to European Union: Accept Uber-style disruption or face unemployment | VentureBeat | Business | by Gregory Ferenstein (via iamdanw)

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The IS choose this model of Nokia because its battery lasts 10 days. That’s basically a slow fuse that lasts a week and a half.

It’s not failsafe. One phone had 8 missed calls – 8 failed detonation attempts. The Peshmerga commander who found that one says the only jamming device he has is protection from above.

Observation from Iraq: The Nokia IED trigger (via iamdanw)

“new kinds of digitally-gated communities, accessible only to fully autonomous vehicles”

— Anthony Townsend, Re-Programming Mobility (2014)

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“Management is about building teams that create wonderful things in the time and budget allotted. The overwork paradigm of much of the Valley is actually due to management failure. I wished our interviewer had asked this follow up question: How long is the average work week (or work month) of these Smart Creative Employees. If the median time folks are on site is more than 180 hours per month (approx. 10% overrun), there is a management problem. This is not something to laud.”

Don’t Ask Google’s Eric Schmidt How to Achieve “Work-Life Balance” | MIT Technology Review (via iamdanw)

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kids bending iphones

“it’ll be well-designed, fraught with race, class, and gender bias, and ultimately formed by the inevitable demands of capitalism. Just as more bikes in the world is better than more cars when it comes to concerns over the climate, Ello is probably better for the world than Facebook when it comes to issues of user control and (perhaps) privacy. Sure we should be concerned with how bikes and social media networks are made, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stick our noses up at an intermediate step. Unlike more pure attempts like Diaspora or Crabgrass, Ello is a pleasure to use and very simple to set up”

Ello: The Luxury Bicycle of Social networks » Cyborgology (via nathanjurgenson)

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assange hologram

assange hologram

“There has today occurred a veritable inversion in the relation between life and media: the media now relates life each day with such force that this ‘relation’ seems not only to anticipate but ineluctably to precede, that is, to determine life itself.”

Bernhard Stiegler,Technics and Time: 2 (Stanford University Press, 2009)

“Real-time bidding sounds high-tech but straightforward. When a consumer visits a website, his browser communicates with an ad server. The server sends a message to an exchange to provide data about that user, such as his IP address, his location and the website he is visiting. Potential ad buyers send their bids to the exchange. The highest one wins and an ad is served when the website loads. All this typically takes about 150 milliseconds.”

The rise of an electronic marketplace for online ads is reshaping the media business

“failure to acknowledge a lack of diversity suggests that, once again, the driving force behind social networking does not reflect the complicated workings of hierarchy, power, and vulnerability that shape the very social space a site like Ello aims to mirror and mediate. “They are creating a social product with a political manifesto, without good knowledge of the social,” Jurgenson said. “The lack of diversity also applies to expertise — social media creators tend to all come from the same background and the same professional spheres.””

What the Hell Is Ello? | VICE News (via nathanjurgenson)

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“But it’s Karp himself who ultimately decides the company’s path. “He’s our conscience,” says senior engineer Ari Gesher.”

How A ‘Deviant’ Philosopher Built Palantir, A CIA-Funded Data-Mining Juggernaut (via iamdanw)

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