“If I want to persuade you, what I need to do is pitch my arguments so that they’re in the range of a bubble around your current belief; it’s not too far from your current belief, but it’s within this bubble.”

— Matthew Lieberman. “Latitudes of Acceptance” (via peterspear)

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“A 3D printer consumes about 50 to 100 times more electrical energy than injection molding to make an item of the same weight. On top of that, the emissions from desktop 3D printers are similar to burning a cigarette or cooking on a gas or electric stove. And the material of choice for all this new stuff we’re clamoring to make is overwhelmingly plastic.”

Yes We Can. But Should We? — re:form — Medium (via iamdanw)

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“Objects with a networked lens cease even to be cameras anymore; often, they’re just nodes in the network (a smartphone, for instance) that can sense light.”

— Robinson Meyer, ‘Pics or It Didn’t Happen: The New Crisis of Connected Cameras' (2014)

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Beast of Kandahar

New Art Club is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Arthur Röing Baer. This will be the gallery’s first solo exhibition with the Berlin based artist.

In the exhibited work Arthur Röing Baer explores the virtual and physical reconstructions of the RQ-170 UAV drone subsequently following its crash in Iran, December 4, 2011. The drone that is claimed to have been taken down by Iranian GPS-hacking was long known as The Beast of Kandahar and was, apart from sporadically leaked blurry photos, invisible to the public. 

OPENING 12.09.14 6-9pm
ON VIEW 13.09.14-13.10.14

Lehrter Straße 30
Berlin 10557

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“As you walk, your eyes process terabytes of information about the world around.”

Estimote Sticker Beacons 


Estimote Stickers are complementary to Estimote Beacons. Whereas beacons add a layer of contextual intelligence to static locations such as stores, museums and airports, stickers extend that context to the objects within those venues. Stickers contain accelerometer and temperature sensors and an optimized ARM processor with flash memory and Bluetooth Smart controller, all inside a significantly smaller and thinner form factor.

Stickers are truly designed to be placed on everyday objects. Simply attach a sticker to an item to turn it into a nearable - a smart, connected object that broadcasts data about its location, motion and temperature.”

“What makes something real is that it is Impossible to represent it to completion.”

— Jaron Lanier as quoted in:
City As Superintelligence

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“The reason is because we consider ourselves not just a company running a website where one can post links and discuss them, but the government of a new type of community. The role and responsibility of a government differs from that of a private corporation, in that it exercises restraint in the usage of its powers.”


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